Tax disputes on a global scale evolve qualitatively and quantitatively, as a result of the pressure to increase tax revenues on Tax Administrations, the environment created by tax competition among countries and international agreements that facilitate and encourage exchange of information.

This evolvement is resulting in adaption of new taxes and taxation of new tools like digital economy and giving rise a considerable increase day by day in the amount of tax disputes.

For tax disputes becoming a part of the commercial life through these effects; administrative and judicial procedural knowledge is not sufficient alone. Experience and competence is also of great importance to be able to handle these legal actions.

As Tax Law Team, having an experience almost 20 years, we offer tax dispute resolution services from the beginning of the dispute until the finalization of the court process with a judicial decision, together with tax advisory services on our clients’ daily business, as well as restructuring services by focusing on tax efficiency and also management of tax inspection services by representing our clients before tax inspectors and reduce their tax risk to take place as a result of the tax inspections.

We as a dedicated team of professionals, having extensive experience in various sectors and disputes in taxation, assure to end the dispute in the most appropriate way for your company.