More than
a law firm...

BTS & Partners is a business enabler and policy influencer in sectors where digital technologies and law are the key considerations for business success and digital transformation.

Our mission is to change the understanding and scope of legal consultancy services, by integrating business, technology, strategy and a deeper understanding of law into our services. Our motto is “Business Technology Strategy @ Law” which shows the broad spectrum of services we offer.

BTS provides its services to large business conglomerates and companies which lead the Turkish economy, as well as the largest technology companies listed in Fortune 500. BTS has been recognized by all the stakeholders of Turkish economy as well as the multinational players. Our vision leads BTS to become much more than a law firm, to undertake the role of a business enabler, with an ambition to disrupt the “status quo”.

BTS is in cooperation with reputable global law firms, academic institutions, international organizations and consultancy firms with respect to its areas of expertise. This contributes to BTS’s know-how on a global scale while constituting a resource to develop a service methodology to meet the legal needs of its clients abroad.



Establishing sustainability as a corporate value both internally and service-wise


Proud to be a women-led law firm by 77% of our staff being women


We extremely value young talent and believe in what the new generation has to offer to legal business environment.


Changing the legal landscape by technology
Changing the legal landscape by technology
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