At BTS&Partners, we value academic thinking and achievements as well as an environment that requires utilizing multi-tasking skills This competitive environment is crucial for a team of very qualified attorneys with a high degree of legal knowledge, practical and academic understanding to thrive.

We require every member of our team to be equipped with the same level of legal and professional qualifications in our practice areas. We promote and encourage our prospective team members to start their legal careers with us grow into the level of professionalism, innovative thinking and creativeness by which we create value for our clients.

We review applications directed to our firm on a periodical basis. We welcome and encourage attorneys from all levels of seniority and as well as self-motivated law students with a desire to work in a dynamic office environment to submit their resumes. We require excellent command of written and spoken English and solid academic background.

CV’s may be submitted to careers@bts-legal.com

Open Positions

Changing the legal landscape by technology
Changing the legal landscape by technology
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