As legislative frameworks are constantly developing and altering, businesses across various industries endeavor to adapt to the regulations. With our dedicated team, we help our clients to prepare regulatory changes, monitor and examine current operations, identify risks, form a roadmap, and assist with the implementation processes to ensure compliance. We advise on complex legislative matters including:

  • Consumer protection 
  • Data protection & privacy 
  • Product liability & product safety 
  • Media and technology 
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare devices  


Some of our focus areas and services in Compliance include:

  • Policy-Steering Actions
  • Regulator/Governmental Institution Relationship Management
  • Product Liability and Warranty
  • Consumer Protection
  • Designing and Implementing Digital Business
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Regulatory Compliance Program
  • Regulatory Risk and Opportunity Analysis
  • Monitoring
  • Reviewing and revising the documents,
  • Risk management,
  • Conducting trainings 


Changing the legal landscape by technology
Changing the legal landscape by technology
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