Our Data Protection & Privacy Team has extensive know-how on the privacy regulations and knows how privacy requirements interact with business-focused priorities, data management issues and other laws. Our team successfully:

  • Provides commercial-minded, practical advice combined with industry-specific knowledge
  • Assists clients in receiving the insight, information, and analysis they need to fulfill their data protection compliance obligations,
  • Keeps international and local clients up-to-date on immediate regulatory updates,
  • Serves clients by providing sector specific insights and assistance including financial services, information technologies, life sciences, industrial and manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail and consumer goods.
  • Provides a full range of privacy services, from daily questions to comprehensive privacy compliance projects,
  • Guides its clients in incident response management, with more than 100 incidents managed for local and global clients,
  • Guides its clients professionally, combining its technical experience and legal expertise in data transfer matters.

We know our clients prioritize data-driven decision-making. We advise them in a rapidly transforming area from a technical and business-minded perspective. A new application, service, or product, BTS evaluates Clients' most essential assets and provides the most secure and feasible advice for its clients.  

Some of our focus areas and services in Data Protection & Privacy include:

  • Compliance Projects 
  • Privacy Compliance Audit 
  • Data Breach Management 
  • Incident Response Management  
  • Legal Monitoring & Surveillance  
  • Internal Investigation  
  • Privacy Design 
  • Impact Assessment 
  • Cyber Insurance  
  • International Data Flow Challenges 
  • Data-Driven Strategy Making 




Changing the legal landscape by technology
Changing the legal landscape by technology
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