It is essential for the Dispute Resolution team to understand the business model of the Client to fully grasp the dispute on hand and reach a resolution that will benefit the Client.

With the biggest team at BTS & Partners and with a combined experience, our team ensures the best possible outcome for our clients that is tailored to their needs as swiftly as possible. Our team relies on its multi-disciplinary approach to each individual instance to provide a clear frame and strategy for the most reliable and beneficial outcome. The Dispute Resolution team services include:  

  • Representing our clients during pre-litigation matters such as settlement, arbitration, and mediation processes, 
  • Providing risk analysis and success evaluations concerning the business operations, 
  • Managing all litigation processes for our clients, including new and ongoing lawsuits from start to finish,  
  • Drafting lawsuit and response petitions, attending to the hearings, expert discoveries, 
  • Delivering a realistic result with foresight to manage expectations before a possible dispute. 


Some of our focus areas and services in Dispute Resolution are:

  • Employment disputes 
  • Commercial disputes 
  • Consumer arbitration 
  • IP litigation 
  • Execution proceedings 
  • Mediation 
  • Drafting C&D letters 
  • Administrative disputes 


Changing the legal landscape by technology
Changing the legal landscape by technology
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