Sustainability is becoming a priority for many businesses as new regulations, policies and strategies requiring companies to be held accountable for contributing to a sustainable future are introduced.

Here in our company, we closely follow developments in legal aspects of sustainability and serve in committees, where sustainability related policies and strategies are discussed with the aim to prepare our clients for upcoming trends and regulations. Our sustainability team is built-up with a multidisciplinary approach, and it consists of experienced lawyers who are able to provide legal advice on every aspect of environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework. We help our clients active in various sectors in keeping up with the evolving sustainability related regulations while also providing assistance with regard to their voluntary initiatives in the area of ESG. In this regard, key examples of our legal services include providing compliance advice, conducting due diligence, preparing company policies, assisting our clients in their strategic ESG transformation and stakeholder engagement projects.  

Some of our key focus areas and services in Sustainability include:

  • ESG disclosures, environmental policies, and due diligence identifying ESG related risks, 
  • Digitalization of  business lines 
  • ESG compliance of suppliers, supply chain agreements, and code of conduct for suppliers 
  • Collaborative ESG projects, sponsorships, and donations building stakeholder engagement 
  • Compliance of human resources practices 
  • Code of conduct and other company policies on transparency, anti-bribery, health & safety, inclusion & diversity, and responsible advertisement & marketing 
  • Internal investigations



Changing the legal landscape by technology
Changing the legal landscape by technology
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