With our hands-on Employment team, Employment law is our forte, and we provide legal services to both international and national clients regarding a significant scale of employment law issues with our dedicated team. Blending our expertise in other practice areas of law such as ICT, IP, Corporate law etc., we provide the most practical solutions to our clients as while we provide employment law advise, we focus on sector-specific practices and needs of our clients as well as recent trends and developments in employment practices of Türkiye and world. 

We are eligible to render sophisticated legal services for complex projects that require dealing with employment-related matters.


Some of our focus areas and services in Employment include: 

  • Drafting/localizing employment contracts 
  • Preparing workplace policies/role specific standards/security guidelines 
  • Drafting employee stock option plans  
  • Drafting and implementing protocols on restrictive covenants  
  • Intellectual property rights management and protection based on the requirements of sectors 
  • Launching of businesses and hiring of individuals, containing those who are foreigners 
  • Employment mediation and litigation   
  • Outsourcing of businesses/individuals  
  • Global and local transfer and processing of employee data 
  • Merger / Demerger / Spinoff  
  • Transfer of businesses / individual employment contracts  
  • Investigations and Compliance


Changing the legal landscape by technology
Changing the legal landscape by technology
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