One of the key reasons for the rapid growth of global ICT market in 1990s was the high level of venture capital investments received. As experienced in the global scale, it is expected that venture capital investments will play a significant role in financing the prospected growth of Turkish ICT market in the upcoming years. It is a well known fact that high profitability derived from the investments in this market, brings high level risks, among which the legal ones are remarkable.

Our team has a solid background and specialized market knowledge that enables minimization of such risks in venture capital and private equity investments focusing in ICT, internet, e-commerce, copyright, entertainment and media markets. We have experience in seed-capital, start-up, early stage, expansion and growth capital investments. We also advise our clients at the stage of fund raising, establishment and incentive creation for fund management and pre-investment stages. We provide legal assistance for addressing the potential investment roots and structures, perform legal due diligences for the potential investments and draw up, review and negotiate any type of acquisition or investment contracts and legal documents at the investment phase. We also support our clients during communications with the Capital Market Authority as regards fund establishments in Turkey or for any exit strategies to be implemented via capital markets root.